The Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online by Snapdeal Affiliate Program

As i have already posted an article on Amazon Affiliate Program and I believe that most of them have joined the same and earn handsome commission. In my today’s Article, i am going to share details on Snapdeal affiliate program.

What is Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is on the leading e-commerce online shopping internet sites in India, it had been started as a daily bargain site in 2010 but soon become the full online marketplace. Ratan Tata, SoftBank Corp, Alibaba Team are a number of its shareholders. To construct trust in clients mind Snapdeal attracted Amir Khan for its promotion of Snapdeal in March 2015.

What is Snapdeal Affiliate Program?

Snapdeal affiliate Program is just a referral program where it is possible to earn money by promoting Snapdeal’s services and products on your blog/website/Youtube Channel. You need to put Snapdeal’s link on your own blog/website/Youtube Channel and promote the same. Once someone clicks on the link and visits the site; leaves a purchase on such visit, then you earn the commission as a % of their sales worth. The commission % fluctuates for a unique category of items and also you are able to check the same on Snapdeal’s website. The greatest part is when a viewer clicks on the affiliate link and then purchases another item (the one which you were not advocating) you could get paid commission on the sale. For Snapdeal its essential that you just generated the sale of these, its immaterial as to what thing comes in. So long as the purchase is generated you’re going to probably be rewarded for your efforts.

How one can join Snapdeal Affiliate Program?

Turning into Snapdeal’s affiliate is the extremely straightforward procedure. I have mentioned below step by step process for you to follow.

Step 1 — Visit

Snapdeal affiliate

Step 2 — Click on Join now 

Click on Join Now Button showed in above picture.

Step 3 — Fill Your password and Email

After you click on Join now, you will get a form requesting for email and password as appearing in below image. Kindly fill your details into it and then click Register.


Step 4 — Check your email

Once you simply click on sign up you, your Snapdeal affiliate account is created, now you need to open your email account and examine the email that you’ve received from Snapdeal affiliate, here’s the screenshot for the email.

As you may view the above-mentioned email, Snapdeal affiliate team will respond to your application in just 48 Hours but we want to be confident we have filled all the info required in the Snapdeal affiliate Hub, so let’s get back into the Snapdeal affiliate hub.

Step 5 — Share More details to your Snapdeal Affiliate Hub

In step 3, even when you just click sign up button you will be accepted fully to the webpage where Snapdeal affiliate will probably ask to get further info. You will soon be asked to fulfill your personal facts, your bank details for payment, and it also asks to incorporate your own PAN card and canceled cheque. These details are required to obtain payment from Snapdeal affiliate, so make sure you double check them for precision soon after entering them. Perhaps not to forget that your affiliate website information, the following you want to extend the site link which you intend to advertise Snapdeal products, kind of website along with your monthly traffic estimate. After you fill all of the details click Save changes. You can see the below screenshot for the same.

Now you have to wait until Snapdeal affiliate team approves your application. As soon as you application is approved you are able to start promoting its services and products on your blog or website and earn money out of Snapdeal affiliate.

The way to make Snapdeal Affiliate Hyperlink?

When you log in into your Snapdeal affiliate account, on the home tab you will find two alternatives using that you can make Snapdeal affiliate link.

Option 1 — You can search some particular products and generate Snapdeal affiliate link for this. For example, I have a site related to Tech and I want to promote tech related product in it. Hence I can generate Snapdeal affiliate code by simply searching various tech products and pick one.

Option 2 — In this case, if i already opted the product or service from Snapdeal website which i want to promote, I can only paste the link in the displayed box and then click make to generate my affiliate link.

Crucial Things to keep in mind —

Caution — below 5 mistakes can get your Snapdeal affiliate account Suspended.

1. Marketing by Means of Pop-up/Pup under windows is strictly prohibited. Pop-ups really are a lucrative way of attaining enterprise, so many rookies will definitely try this particular technique, but Snapdeal prohibits its use. So stay away from all pop’s.

2. For those who have a subscriber list, delivering out Snapdeal’s supplies for these sounds very enticing, proper; but usually do not do so. Snapdeal clearly mentions that majority mailers are not any going and you’re not permitted to mail them to publicize your affiliate link.

3. Compensated Advertising, indeed you may use these to publicize your website or blog. However, do this together with caution. You are not permitted to bid on a trademark of Snapdeal or any variations along with misspelling of it. This means you can run advertisements to promote your blog/website with any search phrases you wish, except keywords like ‘Snapdeal’ or those related to it, like ‘Snapdeal delivers’, ‘ ‘Snapdeal’ etc..

4. Being a Snapdeal affiliate you may possibly be enticed to produce a new website or societal websites username or set name with Snapdeal inside. For example User-Name: Snapdeal_affilaite or blog etc.. End. You’re not allowed to achieve that. You can’t use Snapdeal’s identity at virtually any website, blog, username, group name etc.. That really is strictly PROHIBITED.

5. You are not allowed to publicize your link on prohibited audio/video download website. For this intent, it really is vital that you comprehend, that delivering downloads of movie and songs to your website, without the permission of their producer/concerned parties is deemed illegal. Therefore, in the event that you run a torrent website or similar, bidding adieu for your Snapdeal affiliate backlinks.
Be Certain That You read up in specifics Each of the Stipulations cited in the online arrangement of Snapdeal’s website here


  • Team,

    What are the Snapdeal Commission rates and which is better among Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal affiliate?

    • Hi Vishakha,

      It Varies product to product. You can check the Snapdeal commission rates on Snapdeal Affiliate page and for the second question, We recommend Flipkart Affiliate.

      Wowtechhub Team

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