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What is Save from Net?

Save from net is the only well-known place to download files from the internet into your personal devices from all the different sources, websites, video sites, social sites etc. With the save from net, one can easily download videos, music, songs, audio and other stuff. The save from net has included many well known famous sites in their list of downloadable content from the internet we can enroll few of them as,,  and all other well known too. is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to download video from YouTube for free. Not every video can be saved using common methods. Save from net presents the fastest ways to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved on YouTube. Try it once and you will agree that this is the most convenient YouTube video downloader you ever used! One can use save from net for facebook video downloader as well.

Also while downloading the content you do not get any kind of link or URL but, direct content is downloaded on your devices for offline use. Save from networks as an application from web-based browsers, in short, it is an easy to use browser app to download all kind of content.

So basically Save from Net app just provides the application platform and do not hosts or publishes any content on their website. Also, as save from net has given in the disclaimers that there might be the copyrights or trademarks associated with the content users are downloading which do not support or encourages to and administration of is not responsible with this too. There are might someone finds some kind of copyright infringement in such case user or owner must contact to the specific website or content providers from where these files are generated or hosted and the appropriate actions will be taken.

How to use Save from Net

Save from net is the most simple tool or app you can use to download content on your devices. Save from net gives you the most convenient way to use it on the go and in the single click or one click. The user can simply use it if he has the URL or link for the content he wants to download from the various source of the internet like video sites social networking sites etc. The user can follow this simple procedure and boom work is done:

  • This is the most simple way for everyone and it can be done from the very own website of save from net. A user needs to open the URL in his browser which is their main website. Now he can insert the URL or link of the source of content he wants to download in the box visible with the title as “paste URL here” or “just insert a link” which is generally located at the top of the website. The user can simply copy the source address url need to or want to download and insert at given box. Then just click next to the box button which has title as “GO” or has symbol of arrow. This way the file will be downloaded on the same devices within few seconds. Many times users want the file in specific formats and for this simple problem, SaveFrom is providing various format options. Use can simply check below the arrow button he can choose the specific format of the file to download as per his needs. Users can download videos in MP3, MP4, HD 720, HD 1080p, 3gp formats and so on. Also, the user can just simply download audio files from the video too. Thus user can choose file format and quality as he needs and use Savefrom-net this is simply amazing.

    Save from Net
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  • Now the second way is also simple to use. The user has to know the URL address of the source of the file he needs or want to download. Now user needs to do the very simple trick to download his content her is the catch. The user has to simply paste the URL address in address bar and add this letters at the beginning “” or “” just before the URL of the source file. By just doing this trick user is taken to the webpage where he can choose the format of the data to be downloaded. Without going to exact website user can download the content with this second method.
  • Now the next trick is also very simple to use save from net. In this method, user needs to use the very short domain address before the website or web-page he wants to download the source file from. Domain name is the network address used to point the web pages to specific places on the internet web. In this method, the user can simply add the ss or send the name of the website or URL without any spaces. (use of ss is dependent on the social networking site or sources website user wants to download data from. )
  • The fourth way is handier as in this you can get the file downloaded without leaving the webpage you are on. In this method, user needs to have the very popular savefrom-net add-on installed on his browser. The browser add-on or extension is simply a plugin app which plays the role of the whole website. The savefrom net browser add-on is available for all the popular browsers as chrome, firefox, opera, UC browser. The add-on is developed using technologies like HTML, SCC or JavaScript.

Now, I believe you all have got the in-depth idea of all the 4 working ways of using Save from net to download your data from the internet.  Save from net always requests users to check and cross check about the fair use of the content they are trying to download is allowed or not. Using restricted source or information for personal use is highly not supported and the user also should go to the source and check out the details about the uses for their and overall safe uses.

Benefits of app

  1. When downloading from, you get video in top quality.
  2. When downloading from file-hosting, you do not have to wait or set up extra adware programs.
  3. Download video directly in the online page.
  4. Get the list of connections for downloading if of many movies being present on one web-page.

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